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Hosted at The Harbour School (The Grove Campus)
332 Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road
Hong Kong
Friday, November 9

8:00am HKT

8:30am HKT

9:00am HKT

9:15am HKT

10:00am HKT

10:50am HKT

11:20am HKT

12:10pm HKT

1:10pm HKT

2:00pm HKT

2:10pm HKT

3:00pm HKT

3:10pm HKT

4:10pm HKT

5:30pm HKT

Saturday, November 10

8:00am HKT

8:30am HKT

9:00am HKT

9:30am HKT

10:00am HKT

10:10am HKT

11:00am HKT

11:30am HKT

12:20pm HKT

1:30pm HKT

2:20pm HKT

2:30pm HKT

3:20pm HKT

4:00pm HKT

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