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Hosted at The Harbour School (The Grove Campus)
332 Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road
Hong Kong

Thu Le

American International School, Vietnam
Admissions Manager
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Friday, November 9

8:00am HKT

8:30am HKT

9:00am HKT

9:15am HKT

10:00am HKT

10:50am HKT

11:20am HKT

12:10pm HKT

1:10pm HKT

2:00pm HKT

2:10pm HKT

3:00pm HKT

3:10pm HKT

4:10pm HKT

Saturday, November 10

8:00am HKT

8:30am HKT

9:00am HKT

9:30am HKT

10:00am HKT

10:10am HKT

11:00am HKT

11:30am HKT

12:20pm HKT

1:30pm HKT

2:20pm HKT

2:30pm HKT

3:20pm HKT

4:00pm HKT